Time to move on

Flickr / Kyu

It has been nearly a month since I am in this big town, North of Germany, called Hamburg. I didn’t reach my goal. Nevertheless, I met amazing people on the way.

After spending 3 weeks in this big town and seeing how bad I am doing to pursuing my first step, I started to feel like I should give up and change direction. It has been days of spending time with the same people that I actually started to create my own network. Every weekend, from Friday to Monday, we got drunk altogether, and then starting again the next Friday. It feels like the routine is starting and I am still not ready for it.

That long time that you spend with the same people can also mean for guys that they can somehow get you or develop some kind of connection with you. It is surely time to run away, far. The world is big, so be wherever you wanna be.

I got here longer because I had the feeling that I could help some people to think about their life and about how they could improve it. My mind had the screen slides of the French TV show “Joséphine, l’ange gardien” Like Joséphine, I would help people a while, and then go again somewhere else, to meet new people and new missions.

Nobody can stop me doing that. Actually, there is might be someone. Someone who understands what are those feelings you go through while on your journey, alone, and what it takes to show to somebody that you want to love inconsiderably only person. I always keep this movie title in my mind “catch me if you can”. I am never going back, not going to stop anytime soon either, I am just living my life the way I want and that’s all that matter to me at the moment.16400413781_ce33d75f4a_z.jpg

I am thankful for the crazy food I had tasted on my way, for the crazy people who made me laugh, who I made happy, and who the presence was just enough to make my time in Hamburg amazing. I still dream of the North, and I am still scared of moving forward too but I have to, to get closer to my final travel goal. I keep focusing on it, and remembering everything that I live on the way. But yes, sometimes, it feels like it is simply the time to move on.


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