Meeting love on the road

Flickr / Anomalous allure

When you travel alone, you learn about yourself but also about your feelings. There are many guys who try to get closer to me on the road, some of them I could have a thing for, some of them I wouldn’t. Traveling taught me how to enjoy the present moment with a person.

There are also many guys who try to settle with you. They want to show me the moon but they don’t understand that I’d rather go on a journey to get closer to it by myself. I don’t want to hear about fairytales, I walk to the closest enchanted land. They want to do well, they mostly have a sweet and huge heart that not every girls get to see. For those reasons, it feels tough to repeat, “I am a traveler, you don’t date a traveler.”

I get to spend sometime with different men. Some of them my mum would be so glad if I am actually with. But, spending that time with them also tells me how much I can’t love any of them.

After spending a weekend with a handsome guy, I knew I wouldn’t be able to develop any kind of feelings for him. I was feeling like if I stayed any longer, we would have fight all the time about useless subjects. Even though, we are both travelers and know how life can be so simple and easy if we just make it that way.

There were also those young guys. One of them actually tried to follow me on my trip, until he realized that wasn’t his path. Most of the guys I meet are too steady for me. I don’t see myself anywhere else but on the road, and that’s okay to share it with someone else according to the trail I am taking.

I feel like I am better off without any of them. It is crazy that after a month of traveling, the same scenes are going such like a movie in my mind, like they are keeping me attracted to the same dream goal. Well, I don’t want to hold on to one guy yet. I just keep traveling, live my life and see what happen next. I don’t want to stop today for some kind of steady life, fake happiness and forever and after.

I want a life full of challenges, of surprises and adventures. I want to go on the road as much as I can. I don’t need a man full of money, handsome, who has a flat in a trendy neighborhood. I just need to follow my feelings and right now, they tell me to keep on traveling.


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