Belgian music bands

Flickr/ Damien

When you travel a lot, especially from a small country that barely anyone can locate on the map without mistake, one of the questions that you always here is “What kind of music do you have there?” And because my country is between Germany and France, the second question is “Do you listen to French music? Do you know some German bands?”

The answer to that is part of yes and part of no. But, my best answer to that is my list of my Belgian favorite artists that I always carry with me, thanks to Youtube. If anyone asks you what music we have here, let them listen to those music bands :

  • Stromae
  • Selah Sue
  • Noa Moon
  • Puggy
  • Amatorski
  • Skarbone 14
  • Loic Nottet
  • Christine and the Queens
  • Arno
  • Deus
  • Tom Dice
  • Urban Trad
  • Ete 67
  • Ghinzu
  • Girls in Hawaii
  • Hooverphonic
  • Joshua
  • K’s Choice
  • Lost Frequencies
  • Machiavel
  • Milow
  • My little cheap dictaphone
  • Oscar and the wolf
  • Placebo
  • Sharko
  • The Teller
  • Arsenal
  • Netsky
  • Gotye
  • Balthazar
  • The black box revolution
  • Vive la fête
  • An Pierlé
  • The customs
  • School is cool

And there are plenty more. Some of them are famous, other are good to listen, and we’re proud to have such music in our country. Please share them when you go traveling. Here is a good Youtube playlist. People need to know that Belgium is more than only Jacques Brel and Stromae.


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