Dear Brussels drivers

Dear people who drive in Brussels,

Flickr / Angus

I was a pedestrian, then a cyclist and now a driver in Brussels myself. I finally allow myself to complain about the way you drive.

It is true that I come from the countryside where everybody stops and respect each other on the road. When I go to Brussels, with transportation, it is never that way.

As a pedestrian, cars can’t respect the zebra crossing. You guys “forget” to stop. Sometimes you do, it is true, in front of my foot. Often you park on the sidewalk, on zebra crossing, in a turn or a crossroad. How am I supposed to cross?

As a car driver, the situation gets even worse. They are also stupid pedestrian who cross in the middle of the street while the zebra crossing is a meter away, or people who would cross in front AND behind my car, sometimes with children, while the light is on green for us to move on. But the most dangerous situation comes because of cars. You park on double line, in the middle of the street, stop anywhere where you feel like it, blocking the cars behind you. It is always nice to say “sorry” but why would you stop in the middle of a one-way street at the first place? Garage spaces are there for that. One of the most common issues is when they stop in a traffic jam in a crossroad. Hey dude, I have go straight, how do I do it if you’re on my way?

And what about trying to pass the crossroad as soon as the light turn right?! Sometimes, the light isn’t right and it is better to stop, take your time and then drive forward. Yes, you are going to beep me, but that doesn’t mean I will move when the light turns green. If there is no space for me to pass, I don’t even try.

Sometimes, I feel like I have to ride like a bumper car, trying to avoid drivers to squeeze me in a tiny road.

The worst are taxi drivers. They don’t understand how we dislike them so much, and keep asking for the Uber to come back. Well, besides being nasty to the customers, they drive like crazy. They take the STIB road for themselves. Dude, you are a cab, not a bus nor a tramway! They overtake inside the city, while the space is narrow and put everyone in danger. They, of course, stop in the middle of the street too, and drive like they are an ambulance.

Not to mention how difficult it can be to drive in the cities along with the tram and buses.

Drivers in Brussels are horrible, like it is a jungle. Of course, there is worse in the world. Cluj-Napoca wasn’t so good either according to that city. Still, I would love to print out some stickers and put them on those cars that don’t respect the road rules, so I know that some day, I would be able to drive more peacefully in the city. If you drive in Brussels, please, respect the rules. Take your time, and shut your ears to those crazy people who would beep behind you because you’re not fast enough or don’t drive like they would do, because you definitely don’t have too.


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