Sweden & Norway

Gothenburg, Sweden

My Scandinavian trip started in Hamburg, Germany. I took a bus then to Copenhagen, Denmark, and then the famous train that takes you on the Oresund Bridge to get to Malmo, Sweden. As it was winter time, buses to go from one city to another was the best. I could book from the cheapest coach company Netbuss.

There, I met a Swedish host from CouchSurfing, and an Austrian girl, surfing with me for a night. Malmo is not an easy place to find hosts. I also found that guy who was actually on CouchSurfing and then make advertisement to rent his room on Air BnB. Thanks to the people I met, the network is building up in the area. Besides the small town to enjoy, there are nice places to chill such as  Pronto, for their famous cheese cakes, and the seaside, to observe the twisted building and a small port.

From there, I stopped in Gothenburg, where I met a girl from Tunisia. Together, we went to a Swedish concert in Oceanen watch the music band Francis playing. The next day, we enjoyed the city. We practiced the fat week, called “Semla”, with a cup of coffee and a pastry that looks like a Berliner. During our walkaroung, we also noticed how much Swedish guys are alike; if you have seen the tv serie Vikings, it’s more like Bjorn: tall, blond and shiny hair, blue eyes. They are like their personal space so it’s hard to get to know them but once you go out, they would gladly take a beer and be more open. This is what I experienced in Norway.

Oslo, Norway

I spent the weekend in Oslo, having two parties in a row. The first one, I met French people and obviously, my host. As Norwegian are tall and big, you feel so tiny next to them, trying to find some space to drink and dance. The second night, I was with a bunch of people, all Norwegians. People tried to make themselves drunk before to go to the party as the alcohol policy is tough (also in Sweden). They also separate everywhere into the club: some drinks, some go for a smoke and dance. Everyone is happy and look friendlier. Norwegians will also speak English to you, or in a conversation to make yourself part of it. Their English is really good and have no issue answering you in this language. They would even try in yours if they know few words.

When the sun rises up, you can see the mountains not so far away. They look beautiful. I also enjoyed spending few nights on the countryside with a Norwegian traveler guy. We were in Dombas, nearby Otta. We were hiking and sledging on the mountains. Once home, we ate local food. At the end, I spent 45 Norwegian kronas for the whole week. People use to say it’s nicer during the summer. Youths use to hitchhiking to those beautiful spots, and then camp wherever they want. Also, hostels are not famous in Scandinavia, neither in Sweden nor Norway. But what is famous there, is the airline SAS that gives youth tickets, cheaper then, for anyone up to 25 years old. Once at Oslo airport, no body check anything. They never asked for my ID. I traveled with matches and a pop which I totally forgot I had them in my handbag.

It was a really nice time on the countryside with no phone, just chilling, take sometimes for yourself and wonder what you’re gonna do next. I could think about all of that and make my next long term destination something I would be sure of, until…finding myself in UK, but that’s gonna be for another blog post.


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