Copenhagen, Denmark for (almost) free

DSC_0134I planned to spend 3 full days in Copenhagen, and still, that wasn’t enough. There are plenty of things to do and to see for free there. There are also plenty of nice people to meet, and most likely, they are not even Danish.

At first, I went to those free walking tours, presented by a Canadian and Australian guy, who moved to Copenhagen for love. For those who know about those tours, it is not really free, you pay what you want, to help those guides to live too, as they don’t get any money from their organization. Even though they are paid only with tips, they can work only if they can prove their residency in the country, a bit paradox for me.

Anyway, there are other stuffs you can do for totally free. Like I use to do for all my trips, I always start with CouchSurfing. An older guy from Denmark hosted me. He was really nice and helpful. We enjoyed a lot Danish music while drinking cups of tea. The last night I had in Copenhagen, I spent in a really nice hostel that I highly recommend till it remains cheap. It is brand new and you meet a lot of really cool travelers there.

Then, you can also meet nice people, who are just gonna take hours of your time, talking and listening while seating in a nice and cozy local restaurant that sells raw and vegan food.

Besides those, the botanical garden is nice to do before 3 pm on the wintertime. The city in general is big; so you can walk around, enjoy the rivers, the bridges, the architecture and everything. Museums are also free and there are some really interesting ones. On your way, you have to be careful of bikes though. It is like North of Germany and the Netherlands…but even worse than those. They run the roads.

Of course, we went to see the little mermaid, who is really little and had her head cut off few times, so it is listed as the one of the most disappointing things to see in…the world, but still, it remain iconic, like the our Saviours church as our guides told us. You also have to visit Christiana. That neighborhood smells like Amsterdam or Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, but with no police so you basically don’t want to get into any kind of trouble there. Yet, It is worth to visit it. One of the things which is really nice to do though is to take up the lift inside the parlement building, and get a view over the whole city.

For those who prefer to spend a bit of Danish money, especially on beers; walking tour guide and hostels offer some discount for a weekly pub-crawl. The price is really interesting for what it is. You get to drink pints of Carlsberg, which was made from Belgian taste (don’t forget that if you travel with a Belgian, most likely you won’t).

Copenhagen was a great city to visit and really international too. It is the city to see in North of Europe. Part of Denmark, I didn’t get a chance to see the rest of the country, but people talked a lot about Bornholm, which is one of the 400 or so islands that Denmark has. You should definitely extent your trip to see it too.


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