The importance of blogging while traveling

Vincent / Flickr

When you start to be a long time abroad, with no attach, and moving from one country to another for years, you feel like you miss something: connection.

This why it looks important for traveler to cover their stories, taking a lot of photos, writing articles, tweeting, instagram-ing, etc. They need to see that somebody is following them and pushing them to keep on going. Sometimes it is hard to believe on what we do, and to see the excitement of people we don’t know, give us encouragement to keep on. Sometimes too, some travelers see themselves through social media like the next Chistopher McCandless from Into the Wild.

We use the digital world to show a fake part of the world. At least, that is what most of the people do, but not backpackers. We try to make the world around us better by discovering it the way it is, adding some of our culture, and telling the people about it. What we struggle with is our psychology. When you are alone, meeting new people all the time, it is hard to be alone with yourself and trying to understand your feeling to get to know where to go next, and that part, we can’t show it on social network.

Movies do pretty well that is how Into the Wild and Wild got famous. Personal fights are always more interesting to the audience. Some blog posts also talk about it, and that is how the print edition of First Exploration wants to be based on, with tips and recommendation to keep on no matter what.

“Should I stay here keep looking for a job or should I move now?”

“Shall I start travel by myself with my feet when they are so many guys out there who don’t even know how to behave with us?”

“Shall I spend all my saving in that plane ticket and let’s see what happen next?”

“What if I can’t do it?”

So many questions dance in our mind at the beginning. I am sorry, it doesn’t go on better afterward. Only the questions change.

“Am I ready to go home?”

“Shall I give that old friend a chance to find me on the way?”

“Shall I change my way for somebody I am getting so easily along with but barely know?”

Perhaps, I should just go on traveling, keep posting about it, and focus on what your guys say. Go live the day as it is, take the people as they are and put all those inside fights away, to be able to enjoy the present and your feedback.


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