Job hunting abroad (Germany and UK)

Patrick Dalton / Flickr

To keep on traveling, it is important to find a job once in a while. I just succeeded to do that, but it took me a while to understand how it actually works.

I have been trying in London, UK, and in Hamburg, Germany. In London, I actually found a job, what was tough there is the short amount of time I had to spend in the country and I was missing self-confident. Otherwise, it is quite easy to work there in catering if you speak English. Or at least, it was, before UK was thinking of leaving Europe. I found a 3 days-job in a nice Belgian restaurant. They fired me then for lack of experience.

In Hamburg, it was even harder to look to work, as I don’t speak the language. Though, I quickly understood that I should start asking in German instead. I found few job trials. What went wrong there is that they asked a lot about a German citizenship even though I come from Europe. They also said that it was the low season, and Hamburg is more popular during the summer time.

After 3 weeks of looking for a job here in Germany, being on Couch Surfing all the time, I finally decided to move on traveling to Scandinavia.

As I said above, I could manage to find a job. Actually, while I was looking for Belgian grants for another personal project abroad, I found the opportunity to do a paid internship in the UK. As the manager really liked my profile, he helped me to get the Belgian grant with a friend of mine. Here we are, ready to get on board for 3 months.

While digging on the internet, I also found that website to help me finding something, and I applied to few more, to find more that ask for skill such as, (this one is in French), and Having those and to keep applying wherever I feel like doing it helps to feel better about having a job somewhere at some point and just change your travel plan according to that.


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