10 rules to date a travel girl

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    Silvia Sala / Flickr

    Let me go. If I want to go on a trip, you just have to let me do it without complaining ’cause that’s who I am. Let me also live my life abroad, and keep living yours. A relationship with me can’t be closed up, you have to remain open to meet new people and let me do the same.

  2. Accept my choices. I go wherever my feelings tell me too, take opportunities all around the world. I am not jealous if you do the same. On the contrary, I will be happy to hear about yours stories whenever we meet up. You don’t have to feel sad about it. This is how exciting life can be.
  3. Don’t say : “I miss you”. Of course, it is nice to hear it once in a while but at the end it can get really boring. Just take the first plane and meet me. You’re neither not allow to say : “I wish I could be like you”. You are who you are and have to accept yourself like that. If I meet you, that means I accept you as you are too.
  4. Don’t try to seduce me by saying “you’re a traveler, an easy-going, independent and beautiful Ginger girl”. You’re not the first guy to think and to say that and surely not the last. Find something different to like about me.
  5. Speak out your feelings. Say how you feel like about yourself into the relationship. I am an easy going person, thinking like a guy, I can’t read in people’s mind.
  6. Don’t be from my home country. This is the most elementary rule. I travel and meet different culture, I don’t fit with mine anymore, I fit with a mixture of several. I need to discover something different.
  7. Be a man. You’re most probably a big guy who knows how to run your own life. You know the solutions and what to do to make your environment better. Be a man and change what’s wrong also in yourself. I can give advises but you’re the one to make decisions. I won’t decide for you, I decide for myself.
  8. Be patient. I may not love you from the first sight. I will first run away to put you into a lot of challenges before I can possibility open myself to you.
  9. Have a past. Get to know about the other is always interesting. You need to have lived something exciting previously, it can be anything, like girlfriend stories, scars such as painful past, or travel experiences… Anything, really. I don’t want to hear about a boring life.
  10. Be ready to get on board. Traveling as a couple is for me important to get to know each other. You have to make it happen at some point. The best would be a long trip so we’re far from the steady life and we get to know each other in the worst situation. Also, keep the everyday life such like an excitement, an adventure. I am really not the kind of person who can stick to the subway-work-sleep routine.

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