Long-term Couch Surfing

Christopher / Flickr

Most of the time, when I use Couch Surfing, it is to stay a long time at the host place. Most of them would take me only few days but here is how I actually do it.

When I get somewhere, I first pick up a big city, where I can settle for a while and find a job to keep on traveling. So I use Couch Surfing to get to know people and perhaps start to have a connection network.

I was first using it in London. There, I didn’t really looked at profile and I was traveling alone, like most of the time. I first found somebody to host me a week. I am always looking for the first host on the CS website. Then, from there, I try to get to the CS events, where I can find my next host. Because I never know how long I would stay, I leave that decision to the other person. Sometimes, I have to change host every single night in a week, but that’s okay. It is tiring, before to have a next steady host and think about the next place to go.

In the U.K., I met somebody to host me for a while nearly two weeks. I actually got sick during my stay so I couldn’t move so much from there. We kind of had a thing between us and never talked about the duration of the stay and everything. Our daily life happened naturally.

In Germany, I found several host for the first two nights and that girl. She offered me to stay a while, so I took that chance and then we got so friendly together. Then, she became my landmark in the city and with the community. Both of us were living the same situation at that time. Couch Surfing can also bring amazing new people to get to know.

At the same time, I have a public trip, to show where on my trip I am going. I am changing the dates, my plans, and my destinations there according to my plans. This helps people to get to know where I am and when to meet up or to host me if I am looking for somewhere to go. That is how, here in Hamburg, I found somebody to host me another couple weeks. The host contacted me through that public trip and both looked up at each other profile to get to know how does that sound like. I ended up there one week instead.

Of course, when you do that way, many people might contact you, especially indian-arabic guys with no references. Do not accept them that way. If you want to leave them a chance, tell them to meet you in a public event. They first need to get references that way.

Even if the person, from the other gender, has references, be always careful. The questions such as: “Do you wanna check out the place so you can decide?” “Do you wanna share the bed with me?” or “Do you want a massage?” can come at any time. Do not forget what your own intentions are. Once you express the boundaries, he has to accept them, or run away as I explain in the previous post. It is okay to use what you are to have a long term Couch Surfing, but keep going, somewhere else every time, and keep focusing on your goal while you stay there.


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