The journey starts in Hamburg

12471336_10207340858052654_9078863266823240878_oOnce again, I decided to go abroad with no clue of what I am actually doing. I just want to see more of the world and meet and more cultures.

After many back and forth with Germany, I thought it would just be easier to stay there a while. So I started my journey here, in Hamburg. This was the next big town on my road, from Munich. I heard there are plenty of job opportunities here and as I don’t have savings to travel, I have to start working somewhere.

Within a couple hours, I had two jobs interviews, and they both could have taken me. Thing is, one of them was Starbucks and I didn’t want the company to hire me, and the other one was a hotel who struggle with my European paper work. So, I kept looking, and a couple hours later, I found another job.

For now, I am still struggling with money, as many travelers do. This is why I keep looking, here, as I listen to stories of people who actually get something in this big town.

Here, beside the common “Moin Moin” to say hi and the “Ciao” to say goodbye, locals also say it is tough to find a flat here. It is expensive and there is a high demand. Though, I had no problem to find one and settle for a month, before the next trip.

Transportation can be expensive though, with the HVV, you can count a daily ticket for 6€20. If you use it everyday, it can be really expensive. I have been using it for a week before telling myself, no more transportation ticket. Instead, I am gonna go back to sport and rent a bike for 0,08 cents with the Stadtrad. Even during the cold winter time, it is famous to use them here.

People also use here car renting, Drive Now, that that rent from their phone and then just park it anywhere. Users can always see on the app map where the closest car is.

Basically, here, I spend money mostly on beers and on Lidl (cheap grocery shop) once in a while. I always find free places to stay with Couch Surfing; I thank those people who show me their way of life. Everyday is a new experience. I have also that ability to put myself into strange situation. As I use to say with a friend of mine, traveler as well, “strange is good”. It makes you discover something you haven’t imagined before so you can to learn about yourself.

Anyway, my finance are still doing okay but I can’t stop thinking that earlier than expected it might go down if I don’t find a job to earn some money before my next trip. There are still so many parts of the area to discover before to actually be able to take a next plane. I keep thinking that everything is possible.


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