What does backpacking really mean for yourself

Backpacking-Tips-For-Beginners2When people hear about backpacking, they always imagine somebody with a huge backpack going to see all the countries of the world without stopping. When I see some travel blogs, it also seems like those backpackers try to impress the community. Actually, backpacking is not about these.

Backpacking means take your backpack and go, somewhere, anywhere, and never come back the way you were before to leave. You can either go and see the world, or just try another country for a limited amount of time and then go to the next one. Backpacking is like meditating; it is about finding who you are, through your own path.

Of course, we hear stories of those big “professional” travelers, the wild life they’ve seen, and the landscape they hiked on. That was what they wanted, what they needed. For me, going on the road is actually not like that.

For me, it is about trying to discover a new life abroad, getting professional and get to know new people. It is about being in a town where nobody knows me, where I can be whoever I want, and then leave, to do it again somewhere else. It is also to give the opportunity to my friends to visit them or to offer them a new place to visit if they want to meet me. Leaving is also a way for me to prove to love pretenders that if they truly want to be with me, they’d have to meet me somewhere else but in our respective countries, and I am not waiting.

It can be scary to be on the road with no plans. More you move on, and more you listen to other people who share their stories. You take a bit of theirs and make your own. Some of them can tell about the landscape and the local life in Asia, while you’ve been only in Europe, but that’s okay. You just have to accept your way of traveling. At the end, you will discover yourself, and not others anyway.

All stories are different, and everyone is unique. They’d always be people to be jealous of you, and you’ll be always jealous of others as well. We can always be jealous of one another, that won’t help to go where you need to reach.

If you want to read stories about those travelers, I invite you to visit the blog of my project First Exploration, and to share yours if you are on the road as well. Everyone needs to inform themselves a lot before to dare to make the first step. Then, each first step is hard, but everything else comes smoothly. We just have to go forward, until finding our reason to backpack and what we need to change to keep our happiness in our hand.


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