Germany : Cologne, Dusseldorf and Munich


12309577_10207105608211555_1508564088212532749_oOn a Monday, we were disappointed of this town. Not because of the Belgian that we felt, but because all the museums were closed even though we asked the touristic center first. All we saw was the dark cathedral, and the store of the “Eau de parfum”. One of the employees made a tour to us in the store as we couldn’t see the museum and that was really nice of her. Even though, the purpose was also to buy something at the end.

Cologne is famous for its Christmas market. People use to say that it is beautiful under the cathedral. What we liked the most about it was to listen to children singing Christmas song in German and Cologne dialect, while drinking hot wine. On the high table, we met Belgian politicians that we haven’t heard of. Cologne has actually a link with Liege, so they work together on the market. Liege politicians were there to show their presence and to take part on the activities.

We also enjoyed a lot one of the Christmas stands. Children and older children like us were playing puzzle that made us crazy. Some of them were really tough to solve. The sellers were acting like wizards to make fun with us. We just spend around 20 minutes playing outside at the same stand.


We didn’t stay there really. My friend told me that there is nothing to see in Dusseldorf. Though, she lives and studies there. We stayed in her student flat, which was bigger than the one we stayed in in Berlin. We enjoyed watching How I Met Your Mother in German and one of their traditional show that I wouldn’t be able to type the name again. The only thing that we saw there really was the train station, where we managed not to find each other, though it doesn’t look that big.


IMG_20151229_141209Before to reach Munich, it felt already like a disappointment. But I didn’t want to leave with this idea of the town and I was right to do that. I found an awesome pretty old woman to host my friend and I for a couple nights. She is so young in her mind and so different to the people you use to meet with Couch Surfing.

You can feel the rich city that it is. It is clean, and the few prices that we’ve seen were high.

Our host told us that it is even hard for German people to find a flat there. They try to find arrangement with the people they know. Even though we’ve seen an abandoned house on our way from the Nymphenburg Castle to the Olympic park. Both outdoor places were really nice to visit though. We also saw the surf wale in the English garden along with the beer gardens. Some Munich people go to surf, even during the wintertime, on a 1-meter wale caused by a small lock of the river.

Like Berlin, there is a lot to do for free there. You can slimply walk around. The Bavarian weather is so sunny and warm (even end of December), that you can enjoy being outdoors the whole day.


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