Germany : Ulm, Stuttgart, Erfurt and Berlin

These last couple months, I have been a lot in Germany. After doing the way back and forth I finally decided to stay for a while. Here is why I like Germany so much and where I went to before moving out.


DSC_0061This is the first town of the tour. I’ve been there twice. It is a romantic cozy little town with the most leaning house of the world. The river that comes through the heart of the city gives a gentle atmosphere to the fisherman neighborhood, nice and calm. The Danube is really nice to have a walk too, on the pedestrian path and its capital letters, with a view on the town, through the high walls. This Bavarian town is also located nearby other nice places such as Blautopf, the Constance lake, starting in Lindau, the Disney castle as I call it or Neuschwanstein officially , and the Oktoberfeest of Munich.


The Oktoberfeest of Munich is so famous and international that it is mostly crowed with tourists. When you go with locals, they can show you something similar and more in their taste. Not that I was with Bavarian locals, they were French people, but lived there for a while. They took to the oktoberfeest in Stuttgart. We drank beer of half a liter – and they were pretty drunk after the second one already- and played at the fair like children.


Located in the west part of Germany, Erfurt kept his cute atmosphere of a little town. The high walls are still nearly intact. During the Christmas tour, the touristic coaches also go there. They look huge according to the city’s size.

Erfurt kept its culture with their own local parties, the house-bridge and all the markets that sell typical-Erfurt stuff. The city even has a left-handed store. We notably tasted the chocolate. As a Belgian, I have to say that it was really good there too.


I have been there twice and people keep asking me to show them around again. Even though, I haven’t seen everything there yet. You have a lot of hidden places. There is always something to do too: museums, nightlife… You can walk around, have a cultural tour, food tour, study, work, or just go partying all nights. It really has a youth atmosphere. Berlin is becoming trending and it is still a pretty cheap town, comparing to Munich.


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