Poland : Warsaw & Poznan

DSC00423.jpgAt the beginning, I didn’t know where to go. Then, Skyscanner advised me to go to Poland. The plane ticket was only 10 euros.

I took my travel buddy, my credit card, my small backpack and we left.

Direction: Warsaw, to visit the city. We went on a quest to find the two mermaids. We found cheap places to eat, and even a vegan fast food. Actually, everything is cheap there. The currency they use is the Zloty. On restaurants, you can see the board saying the price of a meal, around 15PLN, which is about 3 euros 50. Everything seems to like our prices, but with their own currency, which makes the trip really cheap.

In Warsaw, we weren’t so much lucky. The city workers were building the Christmas market at the time we were there, so we couldn’t see so much. That’s okay; we could enjoy the Chopin walk, high walls, the child soldier, the science park, etc.

To leave the town, we wanted to hitchhike but it didn’t go so well, we switched for a train. The cost a bit higher than expected but that was still okay. It was around 20-30 euros to go to Poznan, which is more than 300 km away. Through the window we could enjoy the countryside, looks like Romania.

In Poznan, we discovered a city full of life. It is actually a student town with a lot of history. Museums (notably the 1956 uprising museum), university, bars, coffee shops…there is always something to do, and always something happening. We were there on a day week and already youths were partying on the street.

In this country, Blablacar also works. We found a Polish driver to cross the Polish-German border.

For the two towns we have visited, Poland is a cold country, cheap but with helpful and nice people. We met people to host us from their communism apartment, or to give us direction in Polish, and travelers too. For sure, we haven’t seen everything yet, so we have to go back during the summer time, and enjoy the mountains as my Polish friend keeps telling me about.


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