Ephemeral friends

EphemeralWhen you are on the road, often you meet people one day, and you know that you won’t ever see them again.

It can feel tough; it can feel like you are alone as soon as you’re not with them anymore. You don’t have anyone who you can show yourself as you can usually be. Those people meet you one day too, and the next one, you’ll be gone to another city.

Nice people can cross your path, people who to keep in touch with, thanks to Facebook. The next trip you make in their country, you would know you have to contact them and try to see them again. Those friends are important to visit, even if this means only once every five years, they all remain the same.

You can meet someone so in love with you that he (or she, but I will keep going on saying he as I am a hetero), is contacting you every single day. He will try to remember as much as possible where in the world you are now. He will also ask you several times to meet you, and if you don’t say no, he would most probably take the first plane to spend some more time with you. Most of the time, nothing happened with the guy at the first plane, but he just thought of an opportunity once he met you.

There are also those people with who something happened at the first place. And when you think that they would never contact you again, they actually do. At least some of them, most of the time to apologize or to make themselves feel better about it. You moved on, you are on another country; they just missed their change to make you stop.

And there are those guys that are between those three categories. Nothing happened at the first place; nice, you keep in touch with once in a while on Facebook, and something happened at the second place. As usual, you don’t expect to see those kinds of person again, so when it is happening, it is actually crazy and magical at the same time. But then again, you know that you won’t meet again. Okay, you met a second time, doesn’t mean you can make it several times though.

This is one of the scariest things about traveling alone. I heard those stories many time, and as I presented on my examples here, I could feel it too.

At first, I wanted to add them all on Facebook, to remember them, but then, you feel that it is useless. You have so many friends on Facebook already; you’re not going to live anything else with them but the moment you are spending physically with those friends. So, unless, the contact were really good and you had several experiences with the same people, adding them doesn’t mean so much. Of course, never refuse a traveler from adding you, and always respond to their questions. It can always be useful in the future.

By dint of traveling and meeting new people everyday, you start to put things into perspective. You meet them all to add something in your life, to see things differently from the day before. Everyone has something different to bring and each of them can change the direction you’re gonna take on your journey. You’re always and never alone at the same time. Always surrounded by people you don’t know, and can always take some times for yourself when you don’t want to see anybody; tidy your thoughts and clear your mind to remember to focus on your own goal.


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