How to travel cheap and safe

Warsaw – Poznan

I started to go traveling with one of my friends. She’s a lot concerned about safeness, which I am less while traveling alone. We both aren’t really students neither workers so our budget remains pretty tight. Still, we manage to go on holiday.

We went to Italy together, then, for another trip, from Poland to Belgium through Germany where we visited 6 foreigner towns.

The first trip was a bit more expensive. We went to Milano for the Universal Exhibition, as I wrote in a previous post. To make it cheap, we booked a low-cost company such as Ryanair, didn’t buy souvenirs and found an accommodation with Couch Surfing, which is really more fun to get to know about the local way of life.

The second trip was harder to make it cheap and safe. Though we managed. We planned first to go hitchhiking from one town to another. We were two girls, so we both felt safer. Unfortunately, in Warsaw, no cars but cops stopped for us. After spending a couple hours, we gave up and took the train to Poznan.

Train was still okay, as it is cheap in Poland. We wouldn’t have done that in Germany. There, we didn’t have the time to go hitchhiking again, so, we mostly booked buses. Meinfeirnbus, now Flixbus, is the cheapest one. It has a really good service and good connection in the whole country.

Sometimes, we were trying to go with BlaBlaCar as well, which is a bit cheaper than the bus, and nicer to get to know about the local.

Once in the town, we were walking as much as we could. We took public transportation only when we had to, more often it was to reach our host’s flat.

For all the way, we slept at my friend’s places. When they couldn’t host us, we found hosts on CouchSurfing. As I was traveling with my friend, here again, I changed my way of looking. Hosts had to have a profile picture, a profile full of description and positive references. If there were a bad one, I would have read it first. I was also always reading the home section, to get to know in which kind of accommodation we got ourselves into.

Once there, we always tried to spend some times with the host, to talk about our traveling stories, and to share our skills.

We tried not to go to paid touristic attractions. We mostly spend our money on food actually. We didn’t go to famous restaurant though. We were always looking for small non-touristic places. Sometimes, you have to get lost on the street to find those.

Once though, we cooked with our host in Poland, and made our trip a bit cheaper as well. If you can do that more often, it is also a great way to make your journey cheaper. It is also another way to discover the local way of life.

Get to know the people around you. Travelers have always the same way of thinking, open minded, to make life cheap, easy, and a minimum safe. They’re always around to help you out through the journey.


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