Flat Hunting turns into an Online Swindle

Russian-men-posed-as-wome-007When you are a traveler, you can sometimes meet big issues from where you are.

When you book plane tickets with a low-cost company that doesn’t offer you a decent service, like Vueling, as I wrote it in one of my previous post. Also, you’re never alone to face those issues, thing is, most of the people don’t dare to speak out about it, until one does, and fight about it. That’s how a couple from Germany posted their own testimony about that airlines company.

But here, I won’t speak to you about an airline company anymore. This time, I had a financial issue with a Facebook post while flat hunting.

Like many travelers, we have to look for my next place to live. I was looking in Munich. I saw a Facebook post about it.

At that time, I didn’t make enough research to see everything that was obviously wrong. “Her” name was Nathalie Halleux, the name was apparently taken from some hacked account. On the profile picture, she wore a scout scarf, Belgian sign. “She” was saying “she” was a former flatmate from the place “she” advertised in the Facebook group of flat sharing in Munich. Many people liked her profile picture. They had weird names, African and Arabic origins (I am not saying that because I am racist, I am saying this because many likes like that make things suspicious) and commenting weird things too, with a lot of smileys, and saying a lot of compliments. The photo looked more like a summer camp, nothing amazing.

I felt into the trap, as I didn’t make my researched on time. “She” said I had to email the “owner”, Sandy He. Apparently, that is another identity taken from another girl, from Canada this time, and two years younger than me. To prove her “good faith”, “she” sent a copy of “her” ID. “She” was explaining everything, answering my questions…and “she” was a crook. “She” asked for 700 euros to send in an account in Malta for the security deposit. As I heard it is tough to find an accommodation in Munich, I paid. I was wrong.

Someone tried to warn me on Facebook. but it was too late.

Because all of those identities are taken from another previous girl, please be aware that if you ever see my name, or a copy of my ID, it is surely not me. I hope that you’re gonna make the research soon enough to read this post, or to find me in any social network. I am easy to find online. If you have a doubt, also, check the expiration date, my ID is expiring in a couple month from today.

Belgian cops and my personal banks keep saying it is hopeless, but as I am a fighter, I keep digging. If I have any good progress to share, I will do so on this blog. Keep up to date here.

Read below the first email the “landlord” sent and the bank information of the crook.


Flat Amenities :
1. Living room well furnished
2. Television (TV) that is connected to cable.
3. Private bath and toilet in both the double and single bedroom,the single bedroom is also come with chair and table for reading
4. Carpet,phone jack,tv,cable,duvet and linen supplied.
5. Home amenities-Dishwasher,parking,plus free wireless broadband Internet and phone lines.
6. Immaculate condition,security alarm fitted,washer and dryer.
7  The kitchen comes with a cooking stove and refrigerator.
8. The flat is close to various bus and train stations where you can easily get to  connect with every part of the city.

About me:
Surname: He
Given Names:Sandy
Date of Birth:14th August 1992
Place of Birth: Calgary
Occupation: Tourist Guide
Profession: ( Work Mostly in the United Kingdom, i have spent almost all my life in London and i have dual citizenship)

Monthly Rent: 350 EURO ( Single room, with all bills inclusive).
Monthly Rent: 500 EURO ( Double room, with all bills inclusive).
Security deposit is required.

About the flat:

The flat is originally owned by my late father and i am now the rightful owner of the flat because he willed the flat to me, so the flat is now in my name,because he broke up with my mother who is now married to another man.
The flat is located at :

Karlsplatz 21, Ludwigsvorstadt, 80335 Munich, Germany.
3-minute walk from Munich Central Station and just 50 metres from Karlsplatz Underground Station.

Let me know if this sounds like something that you will be interested in so that i can be able to forward you some pictures of the flat and the room which i have available for rent.

Best Regards,


Account Name : Bugeja Mark
Bank Name : Bank of Valleta, Malta
Account Number : 400 1162 6226
Sort Code : VALLMTMT.
 ‘International Bank Account Number’
(IBAN)  Mt06vall22013000000040011626226


12 thoughts on “Flat Hunting turns into an Online Swindle

  1. I discovered this trap just today for a flat in Padova, Italy. I payed 400 euros of security deposit, and the bank was in the netherlands

    1. Like I wrote to the other, we can all complain about this altogether. Simply send me your story by email. Once I have many of them, I’ll send them to the European Court and to a lawyer

    Hello, unfortunately it happened to me as well, scammer was using identity as Caroline Del Carmen Chacin (probably stolen identity), lawyers name Da Silva Terezinga Maria, account was in Italy. Now he has my and my girlfriends identities. If you happen to meet this scammer and he uses identity as Daniel G. or Lucia P. from Slovakia, it is a scam, beware.

  3. Thank you! I just got the email from her. Luckily I did some research and bumped into your post.
    If there’s something I can do to help you out please let me know.

  4. Hi, thank you for your posting. The very same happened to me. I was looking for a room in Lund, Sweden. Nathalie posted an offer to the group, I received an email with identical words, we were in contact about many details for the rent and in the end I sent the money to the “lawyer”. I hope, this Article will warn many people.

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