Vueling, a common bad experience

 Curimedia | P H O T O G R A P H Y / Flickr
Curimedia | P H O T O G R A P H Y / Flickr

After my post about my bad experience with Vueling, a Spanish low-cost airline company, a guy came to tell me his bad experience too. I also recently met a Portuguese girl who has a relative that experience the same too. Here is the story of a couple from Germany, on their way to Roma. As they’re going into Court with this story, their names remain anonymous.

Hey Marie, I recently read your blog post about Vueling and am both, willing to share my issue with Vueling (that is different to yours but not less desperate) and ask you whether you have some tips on how I might be able to solve it due to your experiences at court.
I and my girlfriend suffered from a last-minute flight cancellation in Berlin to our holiday destination in Rome. First the Vueling staff at ground had been left without further information why the flight was cancelled and how to deal with it. Finally they told the passengers that for the day there would be no more flight options to Rome offered by Vueling, but only much more expensive ones by other airlines. They also said it was not possible to change the booking for the same Vueling flight next day, but repeatedly did promise everyone to fully refund alternative flights to Rome departing the same and next day. The staff pointed on the booking code on our tickets and told everyone to use it on the Vueling website to claim refund. Since we booked a small apartment in Rome and a return flight, we booked two tickets to Rome the next day for ~600€ hoping that Vueling would not be so bold to lie to its customers. But well, they did.

I, my girlfriend and another Vueling passenger we met next day then went through the hell of “Vueling support”, including writing of tickets at their website, mails to various Vueling mail accounts as well as requests at their facebook page, but luckily leaving out the hotline. I suppose I was ‘more lucky’ to have received a response from a human being via mail already after 3 weeks after cancellation. 🙂 But surprise, Vueling refuses to pay for the alternative flights it promised to refund in Berlin, but only offers a refund for the Vueling tickets having costed only 80€. It also claims that ‘extraordinary circumstances’ kept the plane from departing from Rome to Berlin in order to avoid compensation fees granted to customers in case of cancellation by European law. So Vueling evidently plays false, they lied to their customers and pretends to act in accordance with law without providing any arguments or proofs for that. On the other side there are 3 victims left with the knowledge (but no documented proof) that Vueling lied about its promise to fully refund alternative flights and sadly has the power to make up their own story about why the flight was cancelled.

By no means I expect you to go through all the details of my case as it is not your concern. I cared to explain the details of my issue just to see if you have ideas on how I could resolve specific issues from a juridical perspective. I know you’re not a lawyer either, still you’ve won a few cases against Vueling by taking advantage of lawyers and law. 🙂

Best regards,

8 thoughts on “Vueling, a common bad experience

  1. […] When you book plane tickets with a low-cost company that doesn’t offer you a decent service, like Vueling, as I wrote it in one of my previous post. Also, you’re never alone to face those issues, thing is, most of the people don’t dare to speak out about it, until one does, and fight about it. That’s how a couple from Germany posted their own testimony about that airlines company. […]

      1. Hello,
        Please don’t write any personal data on your public comments.
        Also, I am not a lawyer, only a blogger and traveler. Please read my first comment to see an answer of your question.
        Have a nice weekend

  2. Hi,

    It’s been 4 months since my wife and I were refused seats by Vueling due to overboarding – and I am still waiting for my refund. They are just ignoring my enquiries and it’s impossible to find out where they are physically located – very simple and effective strategy. Do you by any chance know good local lawyers who could help me out? I would be glad to file a lawsuit against Vueling but need to find first point of contact.

    Best regards
    Alexey Khaliullin

  3. Just horrible. Something like that just shouldn’t happen. Under EU law, Marie must get back the expenses for the alternative flight (even if the flight was cancelled due to “higher power”). I’d take the help of a lawyer in that case!

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