Castles of La Loire (part 2)

Chateau de Chamerolles
Chateau de Chamerolles

As last week, the blog post talked about the Chateau de la Villette and Chateau de Sully, here, I describe two more castles : the Chateau de Chamerolles and the Chateau de la Fierté

Chateau de Chamerolles

Also called Castle of Perfumes, it carries people trough the history of the smells. The displays shows many bottles, and confection methods.

On the weekend, there are also activities in French castles. We were there on a Saturday, so comedians took us through the different rooms. At the first one, they played old game with us; outside, took us to dance folkloric dances, especially if they see you on a smartphone. In some other rooms, they would also act, make the room live with a witch trying to make a new perfume, or a servant turning in some new kinds of smell sources to her master.

If you wanted to be left alone, you could have a walk in the garden; play by yourself in the maze or ask at the reception for a game sheet and get involved in a treasure hunt. Some of the clues would lead you through the castle as well as outside. To answer them, you’ll have sometimes to play another game. The principle is nice to discover the whole castle as a family.

The visit was playful and interesting for everybody. No once could go through the room without stopping in these and showing some interest.

Chateau de la Fierté

Ellen van den Berg / Flickr - Chateau de la Fierté
Ellen van den Berg / Flickr – Chateau de la Fierté

This castle was the most expensive of all of the ones I saw in Loire and didn’t look so great. The outside walls were damaged; the tiles were getting off… The maintenance of the castle wasn’t so good, neither was the reception. The employee was answering our questions such an answering machine.

Though, this castle, also called the Castle of Games was interactive with all the wood games. Some were the same than Chamerolles, but in a worse shape.

What we enjoyed most there was the garden where we could play outdoor games.


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