The castles of La Loire

Chateau de Sully
Chateau de Sully

This area of France was so dry when I got there. So it was the perfect time for tourist to visit the valley and all its castles. I went to 4 of them, to discover every time another part of the French Royalties. Here are the first two, the next will be coming up next week.

Chateau de Sully sur Loire

Owned by the general council of Loiret, Albert Cossonet, member of the council of “Sully sur Loire” got it in 1962.

This castle has all the furniture like it was before. When the council couldn’t find the chairs or wardrobes anymore, it asked big quarters such as Elisées, embassies, etc to make it authenticable.

You can walk through the different rooms to see that, as well as through the myth of Psyché, and the history of Maximilien de Béthune. Even if the signs orientate the visit, it is easy to get lost. My dad and I lost the way once out at the court, so we managed to find the group on the opposite direction.

The group was following a guide, a young man who speaks Italian en French. With humor and passion, he got the interest of everyone, that the group got bigger than the beginning of the visit.

Chateau de la Villette

DSC04219This castle might be not to visit, as there are no exhibition and no history in it. It is in the list because it is a Castle of the Loire valley that I’ve visited.

The place was chose to hold a wedding. As it was supposed to a dry day like any other day in Loire, we first took place outside on the yard, surrounded of high bushes. Then, the rain came to call us back inside, in the main building of the castle.

The funniest location was the barn, decorated for the wedding. We could see two screens, at the two extremity of the long room. Right outside, the roof could cover the smokers.

The castle was also an accommodation place, so the closest family could rest near to the bride and groom.

Next week, read the post about two other castles, Chamerolles and Fierté, respectively castles of perfumes and games


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