Milano Universal exhibition 2015

Great Britain pavilion
Great Britain pavilion by Marie Damman

This year, the theme of the universal exhibition was “Sustainable Food”. More than 140 have 6 months, between May 1st and October 31 to explain a personalized solution to that issue according to their country.

Perhaps it was the good place to have such a theme. Italy has great food. Though, in the exhibition, there were Coca Cola, McDonald and Ferrero who had a stand and suggested some goodies to buy. Of course, nothing was free.

Beside the hypocrisies of a U.N. event, countries took that occasion to show the greatness of traveling. I actually felt like I traveled in the whole world, but I only walked the 3 km main boulevard of the exhibition.

Main countries had a huge line, like an hour to wait. Often it was worth it. With my friend, we went to visit those pavilion first thing on the morning, during a weekday so the line was 20 minutes maximum. In those countries, there were Kazakhstan, which will hold the exhibition for only three months in 2017 about Future Energy, and United Arab Emirates will take the next round on 2020.

Japan was another famous pavilion. They made their whole exhibition like a game to follow through the application. They had free WIFI for everyone, but not everyone had a smartphone. The game was a bit lame for whose you couldn’t follow. The explanation from the hostesses was only in Italian too, even though almost 50% of the tourists are foreigners. The most impressive room was the restaurant of the future.

Of course, we visited our local pavilion such as Great Britain with their Bee’s life, France and Belgium. Perhaps it is because we are Belgians that we found that place really friendly. I have to notice that most of the Belgian employees left because of salary issue. So, few of them went to France to work. Over there, employees were wearing the uniform of the mariners, and selling chocolates. I would blame them if Belgians weren’t selling French pastries.

The universal exhibition is not only about pavilions, it also organize games, like the passport stamps hunt; hold events, like food festival, parade, concerts, karaoke’s, the Tree of Life every night. You can easily spend a whole week there. Two days as I did with my friend wasn’t clearly enough.


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