How to find cheap activities abroad

5825408292_11759e3304_oAs the first part was talking about accommodation and transportation, this second part is about food and attraction. Traveling cheap is also for once you are in the country, trying to discover and enjoy the area.


Going on restaurant everyday? No way! Go groceries, in a local food store, and cook at your accommodation. That is the best way to do it.

If you still desire to get some outside meals, in the narrow streets around the touristic points, you can find way cheaper than those visible corporations.

Try to make some local friends too; they’re going to show you what it is like to eat local!


Entrance fees can sometimes be expensive. Don’t forget your discount cards: students, large family, teacher, journalists…those can be useful.

If you don’t have anything, that’s okay, it is mostly possible to see from the outside. Take a walk in the park, follow the path to the waterfall…The best experiences are priceless.

What to do

If you’re looking more to actually do something in the country, you can always volunteer. SVI in Belgium suggests a database with all the volunteer work you can do abroad. WOOFING send you to work in farms; EVS, an European program propose to go volunteering abroad, sometimes to work on your professionnal skills, all the expenses are covered by the Commission; there is also HelpX which is also known to work overseas.

Some countries also have a special links between themselves, so they can offer you the Working Holiday Visa. Belgian is linked with Canada, Australia, South Korea, New Zeeland and now Taiwan.


It is so priceless to come back with souvenirs. Take plenty of photos, print them out and do something original with those, or write about your trip. Learn how to do something traditional, and do it again back home for your friends. Those souvenirs are free, and make everybody happy.


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