How to sleep and to move abroad with low budget

8274728646_396567c4f4_oWhen you are a student, or a job hunter, your wallet is pretty tight to go abroad, and budget is often an excuse to dare to leave. Though, you don’t need so much to go on. Here are a few tips to shrink you holiday’s budget.


Plane, boat, car, feet…You have all the choice, according to where you want to go and what you want to do.

First of all, SkyScanner is the application and website that I use to compare flight’s price. If you book on weekdays, it is cheaper and if you plan early, it is cheaper too. Though you can also find some good last minute deal. SkyScanner suggest you some.

If you don’t go too far, buses can be a good deal. Compare between MegaBus et Eurolines, et if you can, find even local companies, they would be even cheaper.

Once in the city, it is better to live like locals do, with the local public transportation. Still, try to walk more; you discover always new adventures while getting lost.

If you want to go to places were they are not so much traffic, you can rent a car. The cost it’s okay if you share it with 5 people. If you can’t, perhaps BlaBlaCar can help you to fill up your vehicle.

And what about trains? They are quite efficient in town but not to travel far. They are expensive, full, and don’t help you to get to know new people. Sometimes you have to use them, but I still prefer road transportation.


Who haven’t heard of CouchSurfing, Air Bnb or Youth Hostels? Those website and communities are pretty cool to get to know the area and meet people.

The first one, CouchSurfing, is free of use, but sometimes you get into weird people, and sometimes, you get to know awesome people too. It is a matter of luck, and how to read host’s profile.

Air Bnb it more useful for families. You can rent someone’s place for a week or two, and enjoy the whole place.

Hostels are good too to get to know more travelers and get some touristic tips. Though for those, you have to read also comments, which have been written by other travelers. They would give you a better idea of the place. Often sanitariums are okay, don’t expect too much from a hostel. I use to look for one a HostelWorld, and then, directly contact the hostel that I want. It is cheaper that way. Some people have a hostel card, which allow them to get discount from one hostel to another.

The next post, coming up next week, is going to talk about Food, Attraction and What to do. You can learn how to feed yourself for cheap, see for free and work to travel more.


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