Hot Milano

Marie Damman
Marie Damman

When I prepared my trip to Milan, people said it was really hot over there and that we should pay attention to that. Once I got there with my Belgian friend, we felt like we couldn’t breath but our host told us that we are actually lucky. We were in Milan the freshest days of the summer, it was around 35°C Celsius.

Besides the warmness, we met few Italians too. They don’t even have to say they’re locals, you can recognize them. Talking to them it’s a bit harder since they don’t speak English, not even in international or touristic places.

That’s a bit of shame. It was fun to get lost out of the touristic location, and find few places to eat for cheaper. Italians eat so well! Their food looks a bit like in Romanian for the Piadina, but remains different with lightly dinner, typically from their origins. Our host prepared melon – Parma ham for the first day, and tomato-mozzarella. How much more Italian is that?

Milan, Milano in Italian, has also few touristic places like Duomo, with its cathedral, and the castle of Sforzesco. Both of them are worth to be seen! For the castle, you must pay 5€ to enter and visit all the exhibitions, there are 5 of them so start early on the day. These days, the castle host Michel Angelo.

Few churches further, including one decorated with skeletons, San Bernardino alle Ossa, we discovered their difference in architecture, as they holly places are lighter and brighter than what we use to know. They fit in the city without being noticed.

Wandering in narrow streets or in the crowd of the tourists, we also visited the shopping gallery Vittorio Emanuele II. Many expensive shops stand there. Though, during the sales day, you can find good quality for cheap. We were actually happier at Torino, a local shopping street.

Downtown, our host also showed us the old baths. Today, they became a place to chill, with hammock, Wi-Fi, concerts and art gallery. They’re located below the shopping gallery Vittorio Emuanuele II.

We were lucky to be host downtown so we could travel mostly by foot. Local transportations are pretty efficient. The only thing I could complain about is that once at the Central Station of Milan, there is no information point, no touristic office. It closed down and didn’t relocate it in the station. The one we found was in the shopping gallery. Of course, I could complain about the poor level of foreign languages of the Italians we mostly met, but at the end, we made friends, who spoke also French. With one of them, we went to see the night life of Milan in Navigli, a river surrounded of bars.


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