First Exploration

FE Logo ColorWe started a new project this summer: a new blog about backpackers who tell their stories by photos, articles, videos and so more. We wish to collect a lot of stories and to gather many people who like to share their experiences. In long term, we’d like to organize multicultural events in the French area of Belgium such as international buffet, photo exhibition and so more.

First Exploration aims to open people’s minds to different societies. Through the events, we bring the journey to those who don’t dare to step forwards, to share our experience and to show locals what you can learn with different cultures.

If you enjoy this blog, especially the posts about cities I’ve been, please follow also and don’t hesitate to spread the word! You can send your stories from any support at

The organization also needs people to work on the website, the graphics, sponsors and so on. So even if you don’t travel so much but have some time to spend with us, please let me know as well, everyone would be needed!


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