Vueling: low cost, low respect

15049452419_61092627ef_oWithin a year, I took around 15 planes and 5 different airplane companies, only one’s worth a post about them, because of the bad services I received from them. I am talking about Vueling.

That low-cost company is based in Spain. On Facebook, there is an Anti-Vueling People, with more than 90 members. People there always complain about the same things and it is the same as I experienced.

They lost my suitcase for a whole week. Thing is they knew where the suitcase was: in my connection airport, in Barcelona. I was in Reykjavik, Iceland. Life is pretty expensive in Iceland so I had to buy some stuff and I had for 200 euros. After getting my suitcase back and all my bills, a year later, I am still waiting for the refund.

Of course, they keep saying “please contact the customer service” but they don’t even have one. When you call, you dial a Spanish number, which cost you a lot. On the phone you hear first something in Spanish, then in English, and only then you can pick up your language, and perhaps choose French. You lost at least 20 minutes only for the automatic voice mail. Then, the person who pick up isn’t smarter than the service in general and keep telling you “please send a mail” and when you do, the company takes more than a month only to send you back the notification which was attached to it.

After all of that, they still don’t refund you of course. So I went to court. I won. Still, they refuse to pay.

Vueling keep sending you from point A to point B, through C, but you never see the end of it. During the whole dispute, I was arguing with them on Facebook and Twitter. They blocked my on their page. Waouw, I didn’t even know you could actually do that. So I kept on Twitter, over and over again and got the same kind of answer.

Desperate, I post my issue in Facebook and found a former classmate now intern in law (located in Wallonia, Belgium), who could help me with the help of her trainer to sue that company. Again. I won, and got the money back on my account. She said that any lawyer can help out, and they would have send you to a bailiff. The case isn’t about an airplane company, it is about a company that owes you some money, so any lawyer/bailiff can help you with that. It doesn’t matter if they are located in your area or not. I live in Brabant Wallon, reside in Brussels, and the help I found was in Luxembourg (the region, still in Belgium).

If you guys have some issue with Vueling please share and avoid other to travel with that company. If you also know how to finalize the dispute you’ve got, please share the solution. I am sure you can help more than one.


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