Rock – A – Field in Luxembourg

Last weekend, when it was 40°C outside, I took me car to go to the neighbor country: Luxembourg. With my boyfriends, and another couple, we could fit everybody and everything in my small Clio. No one complained for this two hours trip.

That was great, they had reason for, the heatwave got us exhausted easily, and grumpy to each other. Once the evening came, the warmness cold down a bit and the energy came back to enjoy the place.

We were at the Rock & Field Festival, the 10th edition. We didn’t have any address to write in the GPS (and we didn’t figure out how the coordinates work), so we typed only the city: Roeser. Once the GPS told us to exit the high way we didn’t see any signs so we asked people around and the first we asked didn’t even heard about the music festival.

Finally arrived, we noticed that the camping opens only on Friday morning. We were on Thursday evening of course. We dropped off all of our stuff by car, passed all the security and found a free parking spot. We thanks the Luxembourgers in charge of the festival, they were really friendly. They helped us to settle our first night there.

The next days, we got off of our tents with that hot weather. We tried several time to go down to the festival site but the moment we enjoyed the most was on the evening with Bastille, Boys Noize, Wu Tang Clan, Gramatik, Skip The Use, Alt J and Muse. This last one was the headline act and it totally worth it. Muse played a real show, with good lighting, animation with the audience, goodies if you could catch those, and they played their best songs to sing all along.

Under the day light we enjoyed the few sponsors who were there such as Coca Cola with whom we could play giant ping pong, or limbo, Mini with its old-style photo, got shot by the national beer, Bofferding. By the way, a glass of beer was expensive: for a 50cl, it was 3,5 RAF (1 RAF = 2 euros) while a Cocktail was 4,5 RAF. We mostly drank Mojito.

There were also few good bands at that time, like Fox, a Luxembourgish band, Nothing but Thieves, Ice in my Eyes, The Disliked, Echosmith and BRNS. Dotan was replaced by another band, such a shame.

The last morning, Luxembourger in charge of the Festival used a horn to wake us up, shaking each tent and expecting an answer from everybody. They wanted to make sure everyone was awake. They started the second horn noise at 7 am. This explains why we took the whole morning to get moving. We enjoyed one last time the similarities with our home country, the landscape a bit more bumpy, the surrounding of much more German-speaker people, and the leftovers from our home-made fridge. On the way back, we didn’t forget to fill in the car while still in Luxembourg, gasoline is cheaper there, and keep moving until our stomach were screaming for one last bad meal.


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