Enough of Tinder, come back reality

After two months on Tinder, I can finally say I got sick of it. You find there always the same kind of people, and you actually find much better in real life.

They all say they aren’t looking for sex that they want to be a good person but after seeing them, you notice that they’re still the same from everybody else you meet from Tinder.

While swiping the photos to the left, I was expecting to see something from the personality of the guy on the first pic. When I noticed that I was swiping less and less to the right, I felt it was time to be done.

There’s always that match and the guy come and talk to you. He is so want to persuade you that he’s different, but you know that, if not at the first meeting, but at the second one, he’s not the one who would be able to spend time with more than in bed.

I have to admit, it is not because they’re mostly look for that, it is also because Tinder makes no difference from where the guy comes from. He can be Flemish, Arabic, Hispanic, you wouldn’t even know before talking to that person. If the guy lives in the Flemish part, it is even worse, it is like having a totally different life, living in a totally different country; the way of living there has nothing to do with a Frenchy way of life. As a girl, do you imagine yourself meeting your Flemish’ boyfriend friends, and not being able to have fun with all those people because all you understand is the language you learn at 6 years old? That’s okay for a while, but surely not for a long term, or you would learn Flemish and the other French, or both of you moving away in a country were nobody speak neither Flemish nor French.

Watch what I am saying here, I don’t mean that none of the couple Walloon/Flemish would work out, I say, the one from Tinder wouldn’t. If you know a couple that can prove me I am wrong, please leave a comment I would lovely contact them to re-write this post.

So this was why Tinder doesn’t work, now I have to tell you why living your life is much better.

I remember that guy that I met randomly in a bar while hanging out with some friends; he was in the same group, before he noticed he saw me on Tinder. We had a good feeling, we talked a lot before making a first move and then never responding because he met another girl, and said “sorry, you didn’t take your chance on Tinder”. Well man, I am really happy I didn’t actually.

So, online, I apparently sent him away, but face to face, we got along really well until I had to hear that.

No bad feeling, after meeting other guys, made again some mistakes, I finally understood that there is nothing better than getting busy and passionate in my own life. I got over my last relationship, got another one following me somehow, but nothing matter anymore. Today, I am happy with the people I have in my life, the new ones who are amazing, and I am sure that tomorrow is going to be another excellent day. I may have my man in those people, I don’t know, I don’t even want to know anymore. I am glad with what I have and another day is going to tell me where 25 years of existence will lead.


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