Why we should allow Uber and banish taxis

Nathan Congleton/Flickr
Nathan Congleton/Flickr

In Brussels, we have many taxi strikes. They claim the unfair competition with Uber. What make both companies so different is obvious.

Not so long ago, I tried again to take a Collecto, it is the night cab that you take for 5 box. Well, it is cheap, so they could compete with Uber but they don’t. Drivers are so nasty. With 2 of my friends, we all took 3 different cabs and the 3 drivers were cold, rough, and unpleasant.

This is the first reason why Uber is better: drivers do that during their free times, sometimes to meet people, and they enjoy more to do a service to somebody in their neighborhood; while cab driver only do that because they need money and can’t do anything else, not even welcoming customers.

Then, most of the media talk about this point: Uber uses technology. With a smartphone, you can check where is the closest car, you can pay, and just do everything you need to get home safely. Everyone has a smartphone today, I studied than more than 95% of the population has access to internet. Everybody should then be able to book an Uber car.

While you sometimes have to walk kilometers before finding a cab, because you don’t know the number of the company, or because there are to many companies that you don’t even know who to call anymore.

Uber is also safer to pay: the check is in both phone so there is no way the driver could lie to you. In Belgium, taxis are quite safe but they can also make you take the longest way just to make you pay more. Cab drivers still find the way to cheat.

Also, Uber drivers are common people. That mean they still feel like they have to follow the driving code while taximen think they are above the law and drive any old how. They take the tram way, they stop on a crosswalk, drop or wait for people n the middle of the street even though you can’t overtake… I haven’t tried to ride in an Uber car yet, but I know that those kind of people would care more about how to drive.

Seriously, we should all ride Uber, and make a con-protestation, to make those taxis drivers than stopping the traffic doesn’t change what they use to do in their job, and that they won’t make any good difference by themselves if they aren’t ready to question their own job first.


One thought on “Why we should allow Uber and banish taxis

  1. Hey
    Don’t forget that the taxis have responsabiliies, more expensive insurances, taxes etc
    So yes Uber is great, but it’s cheap price is not totally correct.
    You also have to consider that your insurance won’t protect you if you drive someone for Uber and have an accident.
    A solution has to be found that will be in the middle between the little ” anarchy” of a service like Uber and the “too many rules” services of the taxi companies.

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