Plenty to do and to see in Toronto

M. Damman
M. Damman


First of all, there are plenty of museums such as the Bata Shoe museum that talks about shoes, the Toronto’s First Post Office and the Casa Loma. It is full of art galleries too: Art Gallery of Ontario, Clint Roenisch, and the Power Plant Gallery. The list is way longer than this. I didn’t even have the occasion to do all of them. I went to the Post Office one though. There, I could get special old fashion stamp on my postcards.

With the Canadian Ice festival, Toronto closed the small neighborhood of York to host few sculptures.

There is one more place I should definitely tell you about, if you want a place to chill and to get to know more about everything:  the Toronto Reference Library. That library has everything: printer, books, computers, multimedia rooms…and all is free. People go there sometimes just to play video games the whole day while drinking a cup of Coffee. I was there only to have free access to a computer and enjoy the place.


The town is also famous for its sports to play and to watch in pubs. I met a young WH traveler from Denmark; he came to play ice hockey. Another German traveler liked better Curling. Other famous sports are Lacrosse, Football (American kind), basketball, baseball and a bit more of Soccer too. The official Canadians sports are actually two of them: Ice hockey for the winter and Lacrosse for the summertime.

For the American SuperBowl, people were in bars too. We watched Ketty Perry making a show of animals from the zoo.

The best few places I went were the Office pub, Paupers Pub and the Corner House Pub.

Coffee places

The kind of location that I miss the most now that I am back home is coffee place. With one of my German friends, we were always looking for a small, sweet and cozy place. The last one we found for my departure was amazing. The barista was really nice, and as soon as I checked the location on Foursquare, he tweeted me back about a thing I said earlier. I would definitely advice that place as it was for me the best one.

There’s always those famous brand on each corner of the town, such as Aroma Espresso Bar, Starbucks and Tim Hortons.

Beside those, you can find cozy places, such as Balzac’s Coffee, where you can find maple coffee, Jimmy’s Coffee and have a drink next to the fireplace, and my last one, but not the least, the Outpost Coffee Roasters where they tweet you back when you make a foursquare check.


There are two famous markets in Toronto. The first one is Kensington, right behind the Chinese neighborhood; there is the hippie one. There, they sell plenty of cheap stuffs such as clothes, accessories, and so on. During the summer time, all the stores open out on the street and you can buy fruits and vegetables. That was my favorite place to walk around. They also have art streets, don’t miss the Rush Lane!

The other market is the St. Lawrence one. It is an indoor market. They sell a lot of organic food there. It is right downtown, so, it’s easy to access.


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