M. Damman
M. Damman

This is one of the last post about my Canadian trip this winter 2015. How could I write about it without mentioning Toronto? I stayed in that town for the whole month.

At first, the idea was to find a job there. I practiced there the first steps a Working Holiday Person. It was quite easy there.

Then, I discovered I wouldn’t have the time to be steady so I’d rather enjoy my time. I traveled and this is what I discovered.

Toronto, as many big cities in the world, is a multicultural town. It gets easy to find people from your community. First, you recognize the accent and then you hear that they’re mostly with same program as you.

Then you make some few friends and you start traveling with them.

In Toronto, there are plenty of things to do and to see, you never get bored, but at 4 am once all the pubs are closed.

People keep talking about that viewpoint on the Island. You have to take the ferry there. The island is also an entertainment park, so it is better to visit it during the summer time. Few people say that is the best spot to catch the sunset.

Even though there are more things going on during the summertime, there are quite a lot during the wintertime.


There is one thing you should know before talking about all the places I went to find warmness. Toronto is divided by several neighborhoods. I lived in Scarborough, which is an hour from downtown. You could feel that many people with social issue use to live there.

Downtown, you have many other, which are all nice and each of them has their specialties.

In Little Italy and Greek Town have obviously many restaurants from their communities; same goes for China Town but that one has also markets and outdoors asian ornaments.

There are also the distillery, with art galleries and everything is like before, at the time the distillery was still working; the fashion district with al lot of new designer with their own stores of decoration and clothing, Annex and Yonge & Bloor must be seen too to discover about the university neighborhood. Yonge is also the longest street of the world.

Toronto has plenty more. The map from Toronto blog is well done.

Next week, I am gonna tell you everything about my favorites spots.


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