Marie Damman
Marie Damman

This place is famous for the French people, French from France. Located 542 km away from Toronto, according to Google maps, everything is in French there, street names, brand names, everything is translated. This is not such a surprise.

This might be the reason why the French people like this city so much.

Once I got off the bus, the first person I asked my way was actually a French girl. Then, once at the apartment, it was full of French people too, but one Canadian French. He just arrived in that flat-sharing so he didn’t get a chance to adapt his accent yet. The French got some of his idioms though.

Montreal is also really really quiet during the winter. I also didn’t pick the right day to go there. They were having a small winter storm.

While visiting the old town, which is supposed to be really touristic, they were no body outside, only few people on the ice rink. I found a place to warm up, in an Italian restaurant, where the waiter was speaking only English.

I kept walking around a bit and ended up in a Native store. I was really surprise how proud they try to look like of that culture. Even though the Canadian story is dark, about this part of their history, still today with the disappearance of Native girls.

Montreal has also of a lot of indoor gallery downtown. On the same street, they have a lot of restaurant that sells Poutine. It is the local meal with fries, gravy, and sometimes maple leaf or other topping that you can pick.

China town is only few meters away. You can see it from the beginning of the street when you start to pay attention on the ceiling of buildings.

As we use to say with my friends was if somebody says it is better in summer, you drink to that. Well, I think Montreal is a really nice town, a must do, but during warmer days. If I have the occasion, I would definitely give it another try.


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