Niagara Falls

Marie Damman
Marie Damman

Nearby Toronto, it is quite easy to jump in a bus and go for a city trip, even during winter. From today and for five weeks, I will tell you about one of the surroundings.

The first closest place where everybody goes is the Niagara Falls, located 130 km away from Toronto. There aren’t so many things to do there when there is snow as high as your shoulders. The falls are still there. You can see them froze which is pretty impressive. When the sun goes down, the lights turn on to color up the falls.

The most interesting part of the natural site is on the Canadian side. Americans can only see the top. Were they jealous then? I am asking this because once on the Canadian side, walking around the city, it looks like the U.S. Canada has some similarities but they are less fancy as the Americans can be. So, in the city called Niagara Falls, you can see a small Las Vegas, with all those buildings of games, fast food and crazy building decorations. If you don’t know how Las Vegas can look like, you can also think of DisneyLand.

When we were walking around we were asking: what’s interesting to do during the wintertime around here? As an answer, we had the recommendation to go to that small Las Vegas place. But there, everything was closed. Few souvenir shops were open though.

I would recommend then to go there when it wouldn’t be crowded, and only to spend a couple hours around the waterfalls. The rest really doesn’t worth it. It is only to push people to spend a lot of money.


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