First steps as a Working Holiday person

Marie Damman
Marie Damman

It was the first time I applied for a Working Holiday VISA, and the first time I decided to actually go to start a life as one of the people part of this community in Canada.

As a French-speaker it is a bit tricky. There are many Facebook group (such as this is one, based in Montréal) to help us to find our way during our year of WH. You can also go on this website first to find advises. Always go in those groups to ask for recommendations and try the French parties but if you’re looking for a real local and/or traveler experience, that is not the way.

First of all, in Toronto, is easy to find a job. You only need to drop few résumés in your neighborhood, places you like to go…and do it again if you don’t get any respond the first time. Usually you do. After given around 15 résumés, I got 3 positives answers. People also say to look on Kijiji, Craigslist or Indeed. I never found anything interesting enough there.

I would advice to take a part time job if you are interested to find your dream job. You need to take time, experience and pocket money for your every-day life.

Then, you will need to move out. You either started with CouchSurfing, in a hostel or Air Bnb, but now you need you own place. Look on or on Craiglist, there are plenty of opportunities in all prices. Downtown it will always be much more expensive.

If you are on CouchSurfing, (of if you’re not, go on it) go to those parties. There are also other WH people, but from all around the world. They are mostly unknown from the French WH community, which is a shame. They have another view of the experience they want to make, and you need to open your mind to make this a good adventure.

Make also a to do list of things that you’d like to try, to do, to see. With the people you meet at CouchSurfing, on the French Facebook page or at work, you will be able to find buddies who want to do the same things with you.

Don’t forget that even during the wintertime you have plenty of things to do: iceskating, hockey, hiking, sliding… and even much more during the summertime. Be yourself, take your time and have fun, this all this experience is about.


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