Few tips for male users of Tinder

Flickr/ Denis Bocquet
Flickr/ Denis Bocquet

Like some of the people who created an account on Tinder, I did it because a friend asked me too. Actually, he needed to test the app so I tried and kept playing.

This meetup app is quite addictive. If you don’t want to have anything to do with the people you find, it’s fine, you can just skip or like them and the game can stop there. If the person you like, likes you too, you get a match and both have the possibility to text each other. If you matched somebody by mistake, and the guy actually liked you too, you have the possibly to unmatch him.

There is also a moment area to share few life moments with the application and everybody who you had match with can see it for a day and like it, or not. The concept is pretty simple. Now, guys don’t use it correctly so I wanted to give them some advice if you want to get likes:

  1. First of all, why do you have to post the first picture with people around you? And worse, with a girl? Is she your girlfriend? We need to see exactly who is the person we’re gonna like, or dislike. When you pose with a baby gives also a bad image of you. Is that your baby? Seriously?!
  1. Then, don’t show yourself like a handsome guy when you’re not. You might be one, but only for few of us. Be natural, show what you like to do but don’t forget we need to see your face.
  1. About seeing a face, the look is really important. Why do you guys have to hide behind sunglasses? Okay we might go on the next picture but if all the pictures are with black sunglasses, we give up.
  1. Why also showing yourself shirtless? Are you looking for sex or for a company or for a relationship? Shirtless tells us the first proposition and we mostly pass it.
  1. Some of you also show yourself with animals. It can be cute yes but don’t do it too much. I remember that picture of some guy with horses, for all the pictures. Okay man, after the first one I could actually get the message “I love horse more than girls”. So what are you doing on Tinder? It is to meet humans not horses nor other animals but only humans.

If you follow these few tips, I am pretty sure I would have more possibilities to like you, so do others.


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