A full week in Kuterevo

DSC02866I spent a week in Kuterevo, to work at the refuge with few other volunteers. I started my travel from Belgium, I had no idea the journey would take a full day.

Once arrived, our days were full as well. We worked at the closed enclosure for refreshing. We helped the professional worker to build a tunnel for the beers. Sometimes the work was quit hard, to carry heavy stuffs, and sometimes, when it was raining, the work was quit relax.

Though, we were always ready to welcome visitors, to tell them more about the bears of the refuge.

For the people in the village, it is important that the volunteers try to speak Croatian. They don’t like the idea of changing themselves for us and after all, we are the one coming. We learnt a few common sentences in Croatian, such as “Bok” or “Laku noć” (Hello, good night). Locals get friendlier when you show them interest into their culture.

We also have an official day off: Sunday. We have to feed the animals as usual but the rest of the day we can do whatever we want. We went for a walk with the dogs in the forest, trying to find something interesting. All we could see that week was a bullet whole in a path sign. Though, there are the beers cemetery and the summer camp somewhere there.

During our time off on weekdays, we learnt to play “Catan”. The guy made the game with pieces of cardboards they could find. We also had that drinking time at the bar.

We also use to make food. At first, we had to understand which vegetable we were going to cook. That wasn’t an easy task. Sometimes, we couldn’t even figure it out so we just made a soup. We had to try some experiments to make it tastier.

Because the only store that was available is so small, we also had to learn how to cook ourselves. The guys learnt how to make rakja. The week I was with them, we learn how to make bread and cheese.

Every morning, one of us had to go to a nearby house to take the milk. There, we also had a glass of rakja. I heard this is the typical alcohol. For this holiday season, it is common to visit each house and to drink at least a glass of rakja.

Winter is already here in Belgium. I guess the bears are hibernating by now. Whatever what happens in Postaja, the volunteers always get ready for next beautiful day in the mountain of Croatia


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