I would not eat a bear and I eat pigs

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In Postaja, the volunteer accommodation in Kuterevo, there is that signs that choked me, about our way of eating. This is what it says:

“Do you like bears? -yeah
Would you eat bears? -hell no!
So why do you eat pigs? -…
Go veg!”
I totally disagree with that sign even though I support vegetarians. This is why.
First of all, bears live in the wild. Human didn’t make any kind of (acouplement) to create this animal. They don’t feed them, bears hunt by themselves and can survive without us.
Pigs, cow, sheeps, and other kinds of bovine don’t work like that. They were created by humans. We are doing an animal husbandry to make them reproduce and to feed us. We feed them, with seeds and other kinds of food we could use for ourselves. Also, eating meet give work to some people such as shepherd or the butcher industry. If we stop eating those animals, many people will find themselves jobless.
So no, I wouldn’t compare bears and bovine to make people think about becoming vegetarians.
I would eat without feeling guilty those animal we rise up, but I wouldn’t eat wild animals, not even boars.
Did I say I support vegetarian? Of course i did and I have a better reason to do so.
To rise our bovine, we need to feed them with food we could actually eat. They don’t eat anything different than us, and this is why it is a real problem. We already live on credits on Earth, and while American are fat, Africans remain hungry. We can survive by being vegetarians, and this would have the effect to spare better the seed food. Africans would finally be able to harvest for they own need, and not for European animals needs.
And yes’m we were carnivore before, and hunter, but today, if we live a different way of life and it scientifically proved that we can now walk breath and talk without any animal blood in our veins. Look at your neighbor, maybe it is a vegetarian and you don’t even know about it, because everybody live alike. Think about this angle.
I would love to become vegetarian to help the world to have a better repartition of food and to stop meat lobbying. Of course, the society in which we live in doesn’t always help.
My family keep cooking meat everyday and I tried to make them understand it is to much. But when you talked to conservative it is harder to share your militant ideas.
I am 24 years old and I am part of the next generation who desires to change the society. Of course, it is not possible for me to ask everyone in this world to change behaviour in their feeding, but I can share what I am going to do, and hoping that other would follow.
I am still traveling, and sometimes to be part of the community you are in, you have to show interest for meat. It’s okay. I believe some societies such as villagers in the Balkans, need to remain carnivore. Their way of life looks more like it was our centuries ago. Today, it is not the case. So, some day,  when I will have to settle down somewhere, and so then, I would be a vegetarian.

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