The dicegirl – response to the article of Emmanuel Carrère, XXI

Flickr/ Doug Wheller
Flickr/ Doug Wheller

On my way back from Paris, I’ve read my favorite magazine XXI (21). I notably read that story about the diceman, written by Emmanuel Carrère. Taken into the story, I wanted to try it myself.

I didn’t start like the reporter, with reading the book by George Cockcroft. At that time, he wrote the book as Luke Rhinehart, that name was also taken for the main character of the story, to make it more real.

Luke was a psychoanalyst. According to his wife, he was testing a new experiment. He would write 6 suggestions of what he could do for each situation. Then, he would roll the dice and he will have to do what the dice tells him.

Emmanuel Carrère took the example of a dinnertime with one of his contact, a dice player. The journalist wrote suggestions such as “making dinner,” “you make the dinner,” “we go to a cheap restaurant,” “we go to an expensive one,” “we go to eat to the next big town, 400 km away.” The dice rolled “making dinner”. At the end, this kind of game helped both of them to break the ice and to get to know each other.

After reading his experience, I wanted to try it myself. Even though the reporter didn’t meet any girls playing it, we were three of us, and two guys. We were going to a Couch Surfing meeting. I wanted to make it more fun. We rolled propositions such as “lick the toes of that friend,” “buy a beer to an unknown guy,” “dance with someone,” “bottom up a girl” and “wear shoes that are to big for me.” We did everything and some of us are already ready to play the game again.

The good thing about it is that it helped us, a group of 5 French Belgian people, to go toward the people on the next table, go talk to them and have fun with new people.

I think that at the end we all had a great evening. We have a crazy friendship so we were thinking about making a list for someone else. Emmanuel Carrère didn’t say anything about that either.

It was also easier to start to play it with a bunch of friends. We all had a challenge to make. When three of us had to go to new people, we did altogether and it was smoother. Even though I did mine while going to the guy and say “Hi, I’ve got this challenge, can I buy a beer?” I can’t imagine to do this alone just to change my way of life. I would take it more like a game to do it with people I trust more or less.

The guy I had to go to, asked me to do his list too. As the story written by that French reporter, most of the player find their soul mates while playing, I have to meet that guy again to introduce him to the game. I don’t even want to think about what could happen next because of the dice.