Marco Cappi: play music to change people’s mind

DSC_0072While walking around in Barcelona a Saturday afternoon, tourists stop on the Rambla, to look on the side of the walking path. A metallic melody follows the steps of people.

Marco Cappi, an Italian of 23 years old was playing a hang drum for the first time in public. He wrote on a notebook, placed in front of him: “Student on the road. Like? Support!”

“I bought my hang drum to learn to play an instrument, to entertain myself and others while travelling, to meet people, to smile at people, to make them smile at me, to bring some happiness in ordinary life.”

A personal hat was located right behind the note with few coins in it.

“I wanted to see how good I was, to test if people would have really stopped to give me something…They did!”

Cappi said traveling could be expensive. The money he received is reused to help people in need on the street, people who don’t get so much attention by pedestrians.

Though, it is not allowed to do some artistic work for money on the Rambla. You must pay a license. Some policemen came to ask Cappi to stop begging. He didn’t get any fine.

The musician is graduated of a bachelor in psychology. He’s going to do a master in cognitive neuroscience and clinical neuropsychology. Cappi is young, and don’t want to go to work right after graduation. He’d rather take his time to enjoy life and to travel around.

“I didn’t want to run through my life because society tells you to do it, for me, life worth living is a live full of experiences.”

His philosophy is similar to most travelers. Cappi thinks it is better to live on the road, without comfort. Most of the people are attached to material things that won’t help others who are in need, he said.

By playing on the street, this youth hopes to open the mind of the people who listen to his melody.

Mostly, people pedestrians who stop to talk to him are already open-minded people, those who are curious and want to get to know more about what is going on in their world. Professionals look too busy in their own mind, full of worries, anxiety and rush to take the time to stop he said.

“My mission is to try to improve other’s life, in small things, to enjoy more what they have, to see things from a different perspective,” said Cappi.

The youth also has a Facebook page, to share life experience, ideas, photos, anything that can help to see our world differently, from different point of views he said.

“We become what we think, we think about what we experience and people we get in touch with”