Laughing marathon, food marathon & photo marathon

Marie Damman On the pic: Jake, UK
Marie Damman
On the pic: Jake, UK

The camp I applied for in Iceland was the Photo Marathon. At the beginning, we were supposed to take photos and, to take part of an exhibition, at Hlemmur bus station, Reykjavik. The photos stand for a few weeks. While living this camp, it was everything, but taking pictures for the exhibition.

Our theme was Profession. Without telling us the theme, the first work was to write professions on a piece of paper and then put it in a hat. I wrote things like Soldier, Security guard in an airport, Acrobat. I didn’t know what to expect so I tried to push to the hardest.

I’ve got actor and my teammate had chief. These were pretty easy to shoot.

Between to work to help us to get the final picture, we also had workshops. One of our first ones was about learning the triangle of photography: ISO, aperture and speed. The first exercise was to practice the extreme of each.

Once we got that, we could shoot with the manual mode. Then, we were released in the nature of Reykjavik to find some workers to shoot.

The result wasn’t so great. Our leaders wanted a story and it was hard for some of us to toward the person to talk to him/her. So, we had to go a second time.

We also learnt how to shoot emotions. Our workers looks better when we talk to them, make them laugh, surprised, or something else. We tried first between us with dumb questions such as “Were you ever in love?” “Do you miss him?” These were the questions my Korean partner asked me.

This took us around two days. At the end, we were finally capable of showing one or two photos each at the exhibition. It is still on for few weeks at Hlemmur bus station, Reykjavik.

So what did we do the other days? Neither photographing profession, nor practicing between us. We were volunteering in the community, or going on a road trip.

We had such a great time, good meals from different countries, but mostly from Asia and Italy, we also had some British jokes and my legendary seal laugh. We could make fun of anybody’s stereotypes, or create new ones, especially when you are the only Belgian in the group, and sometimes the only one those people ever met.