“In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies”

Flickr/ Taymaz Valley urlm.in/sxad
Flickr/ Taymaz Valley urlm.in/sxad

Joey King, alias Katie in the animated movie Horton was saying this. The yellow bowl animal was looking up in the air, with such a naïve way.

Mostly misses have big expectation about the world, such as “peace in the world” and “no war”. They wish anything they can’t do anything about it, at least that what they thought.

I also have expectation on a better world, and try to work on it, but we need everybody at once to make this happen.

Once a week I post, to try to make a chance in this world. I started a written series in French, to boycott products imported from countries that make wars. I started with Israel, Russia…and it still goes on.

With all I ask my public to do, it is time for me to share how I see my perfect world.

First of all, there would be no threat inside government, and everything that happens there would be said out-loud to the public. The referendum will be back, at least where I am from, and everybody will be educated.

School is supposed to be a requirement for everyone, yet, not everybody gets their high school diploma, and children from minorities don’t go to school until 18. They start first to skip their own celebration.

Minorities will follow any of the Belgian requirements, which mean for children to go to school everyday, no matter if it is Jewish Christmas or Ramadan; to attend each class, even swimming class for girls. Parents will attend classes too, to learn at least one language of the country they live in, of course, the language of where they live in. In Belgium, everybody will have to learn German and Flemish before learning English.

Each school, and mostly universities and colleges, will have a nice study room, open during regular hours during the school year, and open before the examinations. The access will be free for each student of the school/university, same for a computer room, with free wifi anywhere in the building.

Schools will not teach about wars, unless they teach how to stop the one around us. I believe this is the only way to avoid youth to become the next person in charge of war, as Obama, W. Bush, Poutine, or one of their employee as the president of a smaller country.

I will not let American culture to ruin mine. I want to watch Belgian creations; I want to be able to name some Belgian movies, actors, music and to learn our three cultures through it.

As a reporter publishing in Belgium, I would never translate Flemish or German speaker to help the audience to understand they are part of our country too.

Any kind of information will be published, the controlled one, as we see today, but also the independent ones, those who make a double investigation about what is really going on in our politics. People have the right to know every angle.

Our Belgian royal family will be a true family, accepting who they are. The king Philippe will be shown as the homosexual he is, and stop lying to Belgian about it, and about how is family has been made up.

Senior care houses will be more expensive to avoid families to leave their old parents there. It is first a matter of caring on each other.

On the other hand, families would receive more subvention for their children, to help them to pay for their education, transportation, and to start their independent life. A year of community service or travel would be mandatory.

Manifestation will be allowed, no matter what. If they get dangerous, it will be more secured, but people will always have the freedom of speech

The economy would be so different too. Only fair trade products would be allow in my world, which mean the products allowed will not help any kind of wars. No products from Russia, America, Irak, Israel and some countries in Africa.

CEO will have a wage ceiling. The extra they would earn, would be spread to the poorest communities, to make better infrastructure.

Family doctor will be free. Hospitals will send home any case they would have that a family doctor can fix, to make place for people who really need it.

NGO will not longer be sent in Africa. They help the continent to still feel in need. Instead, I would help only agriculture and depth issue. This last point, I would help them by paying directly to the main bank.

To regulate the African immigration, I will not treat them like they just arrived in hell, I would rather help their home countries to look better to those who tried to escape.

Everybody will be able to have a paid day off after their own accident, own aggression, after the death of a member of their family, funeral or wedding.

No weapons will be built anymore, or at least none will enter my world.

In my world, I would be able to vote for the people I want to see on TV to represent my politic ideas. I want to change the seats and the image people have about politicians. I want to vote for politicians from the other part of my country, for my ex-classmates.

In this world, I will keep telling people what they could do, to make this a better world, as we all dream it.