Electric castle festival should definitely look at Belgian’s



This is the most famous music festival in Cluj.  Even though, I was disappointed about the festival.

The music inside was really cool. This was only the second edition of Electric Castle and the head names were already famous. We had Die Antwoord, Thievery Corporation, Bonobo and so more.

The problem was to get into the festival.

First of all, we had two solution: either going camping for 30 lei 4 days, until the Monday morning, or going back to the city by bus, which was 6 lei.

It was really smart to organize these buses. They were pretty frequent. Though, one night, we could feel a lack of organization, when people had to wait two hours to get their tickets and then had to be lucky, find a hole in the fleck, and wait. Romanians don’t push so at least you don’t feel in rush. After the first night, it was much easier to get into the bus.

For the camping, it was another story.  No food neither any kind of soft drinks were allowed. Actually, a bottle of 2 littler per person was allowed in the camping, and that was it. Even when you buy or get something for free outside of the gate, you cannot get it.

With only water, the atmosphere at the camping was really quiet, no after-party, no beers and no drugs, or few weeds only.


The festival gate now, this one was the worst to cross. Again, no food nor no drinks allowed, even though the first day we had a weather of more than 30°C, and the sun on our head, and the other days, we had alcohol in our blood. Inside, there was one water point, and you had to have your own plastic cup to fill it up. At the bar, bartenders wouldn’t give you tap water. The only time I could it was because a volunteer woke me up in my alcoholic nap, so after asking him for water, he asked the bartender to provide me one. One of my friends tried also to ask for some, directly at the bar and couldn’t get any they would sell the bottle.

So, the rules didn’t make any sense. After talking to some Romanians, we could hear that the rules were the same the previous year but they didn’t check so much. Because of this, they had much troubles. This year, they checked every bag, at each entrance.

The volunteer didn’t have so much luck than us: they worked 9 hours, and got 2 tokens (1 tokens is a beer), and 50 cl of water and that’s it. Another volunteer told me he was supposed to have two meals a day and finally got only one. The rules kept changing and the people kept controlling, as they wanted to. So the entrance was about being lucky of the volunteer you would meet.

For the third edition of the electric castle, I would highly recommend to take example on Belgian festivals. We have good music, good organization, after-party at the camping, and we are more ecologic.