The end of Romania

Marie Damman

Some of the Erasmus students left already, others are packing, and getting ready to leave soon. These days are the last for many of us. For Romanians, the last Erasmus week means everyday-parties.  It is also the last occasion for many of us to try some places we haven’t been there before. When we are leaving soon, in the next two weeks, we make a checklist of what we want to do before to go. Mostly, the list is too long to be able to check it in a couple of weeks. We fell in love with Romania so we already planned to go back and to keep doing this list. Here is how mine looks like:

  • Road trip in Moldova
  • Delta Danube
  • Peles castle
  • South West of Romania
  • Balea lake
  • Oradea
  • Alba Iulia
  • Targu Mures

Other have on the top list a road trip in Maramures. This kind of trip takes time to make. In Cluj, we also want to try the last place such as the new game at the Dungeon, the German restaurant, Romanian, Italian, the outdoor pool, the lake on the East side of the City and so on. We also like to try again these places one last time, like the werewolf game at CouchSurfing, or Euphoria, Zorki, Central Park… At the same time, we have some finals to finish, a thesis to write, and for some of us, Electric Castle festival, which let us only a few days to check the whole list. This send us to the previous point: go back to Cluj to loop our trip.