May in Cluj: full of festivals


Marie Damman
Marie Damman

Under a clear blue sky, 30°C in Central Park, students are playing a treasure hunt. One of the quests was to climb beer packs. After 15 packs, the packs fell, and the professional climbers maintain the student in the air.

Summer has arrived in Cluj Napoca. Some students would rather go travelling around while, with my friend, we’d rather stayed in the city and enjoyed the Cluj Days.

Since the beginning of the spring, Cluj offer plenty of festivals, started with the Napoca Music Event as free concerts at the arena. Then, Forza Zu followed, the main radio offered commercial music bands, while Ursus Cooler sponsored the event. That beer is actually a lemonade beer or a free-alcohol. The advertisement worked good for them. From these two big events, free concerts were palying every weekends evening, and sometimes on the week as well, until the biggest events: Photo Romania Festival, Cluj Days and TIFF, a movie festival.

Marie Damman
Marie Damman

I’ve been only to Forza Zu and to Cluj Days for now. The event lasts for a week, opening with an multicultural parade. Everyone had the change to walk under confettis and show their flag. At the same time, the medieval village was standing in the old street of the city. The village looked invaded by medieval actors, which lived there. Also, a medieval market was located in front of the main building of the university of Babes Boliay, shopmen were mostly selling food, books, and jewelry. At the end of the markets we could find stages. While walking around in the city, we could discover three others in small hidden squares..

In Central Park, assocations organized many free activities such as archery, (Tyrolienne), pack climbing, soccer in a blowup field, sumo fight, and so more. Tyrolienne had a lot of success according to the size of the line.

We tried it. We could see the kids climb up to the tree so quickly and smoothly while adults took more time. Our weight makes the climbing more difficult, especially when it comes to take the last step.

Concerts started around 7 pm and didn’t last so late. For midnight, the music was over and the audience left the place. Romanian summer concerts are nothing about what we use to hear in Western Europe: no pop music, and barely commercial artists. What we heard one night was typical Romanian songs. The public was enjoying the music, they were dancing in circle, making it bigger and bigger until taking over half of the main square (Piata Unirii).

A couple was dancing in the middle. They were doing other steps and they were synchronized. When Romanians have the occasion, they always dance altogether, which give us another perspective of partying.


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