Gilau lakes

Marie Damman
Marie Damman

When the weather is getting warmer and warmer, and you live in a city, often the idea of leaving it for a day comes to mind.

The sun hits your skin, and offers some sunburn to white skins, while riding a bike to a village nearby, Gilau. Then, it is easy to get lost and to enjoy riding further.

In an hour bike, you can reach the lakes at Gilau, while taking the main road which lead to Polus Center, then follow the direction to Fantanele. The bike road is hard at the beginning, as you have to ride on the main street with cars, but once you get to the village, the road is nicer. There are two small lakes. Fantanele has the third lake, the biggest one, where Romanian use to swim in in the summer, and it is close to the mountains as well. When you take a deeper look on the side of the small lakes, you can find some nice spots, which look, like beaches, with grasses and a connection to the cold water. They are often hidden behind the roads.

With the chilly place on the grass, you can often see a fire spots. Hidden from the road and from any kind of civilization but wandering dogs, it is easy to rest under the sun or under the stars.



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