Romanian May 1st on the seaside

Marie Damman
Marie Damman

In Romania, the society follows the orthodox calendar. This mean that Easter is not always on the same date than the Catholic’s is. This year, in 2014, Easter break was a week after the two weeks off in Belgium. As soon as Romanian went back to school, they had another holiday: May 1st.

It is a big event for Romanians, especially students and youths. Everybody meets in Vama Veche, on the Black Sea for a 4-days festival. There, we met people from Brasov, Cluj, Bucharest, and everywhere in Romania. With the Erasmus community, people from all around the world showed up as well.

During these 4-days, the Erasmus community, ESN, organised many activities on the afternoon, such as beach games or beach cleaning. On the evening, the beach was crowded of people who wanted to have parties. Though the sky was grey and the temperature too low to be able to wear a swim suit, the weather didn’t discouraged the public. All the bars, with view on the sea, and sometime with bar on the sand, were opened all night long. The morning was the quietest moment, with everybody getting tired of dancing and drinking, or with these people who would have rather go to bed.

Marie Damman
Marie Damman 

The clubs were diversified. There were one with drum & bass music, another with reggae, another with more French music, another again with commercial music; there were a club for anyone!

And for those who don’t like clubbing so much, they could have a beer next to a bonfire, while listening the background music.

Youth Romanians were pretty good at going partying the 4-days. Of course, May 1st is the day nobody want to miss, the other nights also had success, as they were still crowded like the first night.

Every hotels were full for the event, and the beach was also crowded of tent, and people making small fired and barbecue nearby the sea side.

On the way back to our city, Cluj-Napoca, we passed by Bucharest where a hailstorm appeared.

Once back in the bus, all soaked, we could fall asleep in the smell of alcohol.




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