Friends’ rush once back home

Flickr / Lionel Fernandez Roca
Flickr / Lionel Fernandez Roca

While traveling, your family found a good excuse to make you flight back home: a wedding, or actually, two weddings for the same couple, in two different countries.

So you have to flight back where you used to be. As soon as friends hear about it, even though only a few still check Facebook, Facebook messenger (this application seems more famous than the social network itself), and the cell phone (old but still practical), keep beeping. Friends are trying to be in touch, and to find a time in the tight schedule, to meet.

In the circle of friends, you always have the one who wants to see you but can’t because when schedules don’t match; or you have also the loved one who can’t organize himself to get up on time and talk to you, the one who needs a girl to cheer up. Well, for the first country, where I was traveling for a month, I mostly met guys of course.

The second country was where I grew up. Friends I have here know me for years. It is harder then to tell them “I don’t have time to go to the capital”. A weekend is short, and after trying London (see when you’ve seen too much of London), to go back to a quieter place feels more sufficient.

If you want to avoid the friends’ rush when you go back home, the best to do is to leave your Facebook wall empty, don’t write anything about your trip in your home country, activate your home number only when needed, and wait to flight again before to talk to those who didn’t reach you. You need to dose out how you do, but don’t leave your friends in silent.

When your circle is pretty big, and everybody leaves in different places, on the same high way, try to make things easier by making one night with everybody in the same place, and that’s it. Of course, it would have been too cruel to come only for personal business and not to see your friends. It is important to make sometimes for them.

Then, the most important, is to make them not to forget you. Keep sending postcard about places you visit; tell them a bit of anecdotes. Friends like to have funny stories to tell to others.  And for the rest, you need to learn how to be sociable, and to keep in touch with the people you meet.