When you’ve seen too much of London

London, that city where everybody wants to go, and somebody wants to get a chance to live there.

Windsor Castle
Marie Damman

After a month of trying to get to know the city, and have to go back for family business, London is now well known.

First of all, when you travel a lot, with only a smartphone, after the third country within a year, the phone says stop and doesn’t recognise any of the Sims cards. Once in England, my British, Belgian and Romanian phone number didn’t work. Likely, at Virgin Mobile, they were really nice, and gave me a phone for 10£, with a 10£ Sims card, and a few training about how to use the phone.

Then, during Easter break; many people like to go to England to visit. The Windsor castle was half closed. The Royal employees used the state apartment.  Instead of doing a discount on the price of the entrance, the castle administration offered a nominative ticket to come back for free within a year. The situation will remain until April 15th.

Next to the castle, you can also visit Eton, that typical town where the royal princes went to school. Eton College is a posh school, famous in England.  A secret path links the castle to the town, starting somewhere in the basement of the castle.

As the state apartments, the Chapelle was closed, as a Sunday’s requirement.

Back downtown London, nothing changes from last year. Many tourists visit the town, so the transportations are crowded, especially during business hours.

In London transportations, you have to pay attention where to beep your Oyster card: always before and after you take transportation. Before and after taking the tube, before and after taking the DLR, before and after taking the train, even if you are taking several different transportation for the same trip.

Outdoor, the road works still take place. At Victoria station for example, the work seems huge. It has started before summer 2013. In Spring 2014, it doesn’t seem like it goes better.

Last summer, when I went to London, I met a traveler who decided to settle down nearby Greenwich. He told me once that the work ministry had a certain amount of money every year and they have to spend it somehow, so it uses it to make useless work all around London.

To these, add the fact that London still doesn’t have crosswalks, and the life there remains expensive.

London is a crowded town, stressful as the people from the 8th zone say, and very touristic. I’ve seen it, there are better towns to settle.