Hiking to the Pestera cave

Marie Damman

Yesterday, I went on a day trip with some friends to Vadu Crisului, 1h40 min away from Cluj Napoca. The name of the place is strange. It doesn’t sound like a town name. It is actually a small village, located somewhere in the mountains.

The first village we crossed was Huedin, mostly full of Gipsies. They build huge palace, to leave with only one family in each of them. Their roofs are sumptuous, colorful and shiny. According to a German student who had the chance to visit one of them, inside looks as sumptuous, with marble to cover the floor. A Romanian, from Oradea told us Gipsies beg for money and steal in order to show they power in villages such as Huedin.

After crossing Huedin, and keeping on the same road, there is Vadu Crisului on the left. At the end of this village, there is beautiful nature. You have to go all the way until the end of the road, follow the railroad, and pass by the tiny train station. Once the road ends, the only way to keep going is by walking on the railroad, which is still in use. Trains use to honk the horse and people find a way to hide.

Once passed the waterfall on the right, there is a bridge to cross. At the top of the hill, you can enter the Pestera cave. The entrance is only 3 lei with a student card. Inside, everything is converted for tourists and hikers. Children enjoyed the place.

Marie Damman
Marie Damman

Sometimes, the walls are low, and you have to bend yourself. Sometimes, you have to practice the duck walk, and sometimes, you have to stop, to enjoy the place. In many rooms there is a source passing by. Behind some wall, especially the one that has two peaks on the corners, you have to be a bit adventurous. The room behind was worth it.

On the way around, there are also many stairs to climb. They are sloping and a bit scary when you can’t see the next step, hidden behind the previous one.

If you are lucky, you can also meet bats

On the way out of the cave, you can find many hiking tracks. Some of them can take the whole day. You can also explore further on the railroad. The best would be to do this on the daytime, before 4 pm when not so many trains are crossing.

Vadu Crisului is a nice place to take some fresh air, and to be outside of the city. You can meet water, greenness and underground at the same place.



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